What are interactive dog toys?

Interactive dog puzzles or dog toys are intended to stimulate and challenge your dog. These toys challenge the skills to search and to solve problems and introduce them in their daily routines. These puzzles can make your pet busy for few minutes but tired and calm for hours. Treating the dog for using the toys makes him like the game and the toys so much more and appreciate solving the puzzles. There are many sorts of interactive dog toys starting with simple hide-and-seek toy to lifting blocks or sliding bricks. Different breeds and different personalities may require different puzzle or game choice for success.

Why dog puzzle?

We often hear from owners who don't understand why their dog isn't tired after an honest hour-long walk or playing frisbee/ball throwing (which should be done with care).
We are delighted to enlighten you, that your dog doesn't need to run for hours to be tired. Just as in your life, dogs also need a good balance. Shortening walks and adding mental stimulation is a great way to achieve the balance in dogs physical and mental wellbeing. We cannot emphasize enough how much is your involvement in dogs playtime important for the great development of several great skills. It reduces possibility of your dog finding the playtime and games boring or completely uninteresting. Your dog will soon start to love your “together time” and will get excited for getting praised and rewarded for success.

I was so excited to receive this and Pawesome Puzzle did not disappoint! Not only is the toy uniquely designed, it is exceptionally durable and easy to clean. I love te different shapes of the removable pieces and how they make the puzzle more challenging. I absolutely plan to order other styles and I hope to see new ones come out!

Ashleigh, United States

My puppy loves this. I thought it would be a little too tricky since he’s only 3 months old but he loves it and keeps him entertained for long. I’ll be buying another interactive puzzle.

Eva, Ireland

Great new puzzle. I’m a big fan of the mixture of natural ingredients and safe materials.You can increase the difficulty by placing the rollers deeper in the treat pockets. I’m keeping a watch on this sellers items.

Jessica, Belgium

My dog loves it! It stimulates his brain. If your dog is a big eater you should definitely buy this!! I have positive experience with this toy and this so I would recommend it to you. Will buy again.

Tjaša, Slovenia

The craftsmanship is excellent. My 10 pound Shihtzu had a great time playing the game. I was surprised it arrived earlier than scheduled.

Helen, United States

Great quality and challenging for our dog!

Nina, Canada

Jan is very helpful and kind. And the toy is so special. Very happy for to choice his shop.

Esperanza, Russia
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