Meet Our Team of
Pawesome Puzzle

Members of Pawesome Puzzle team are Ajša, Jan in Nives.

Jan and Nives, a young couple who decided to give home and infinite love to their four legged friend. We brought a small puppy Ajša to our home in February 2018.
Jan Weichardt
Nives Hriberšek

It all started …

… when I put my mind to design my own dog puzzles and finally used my 3D printer to make something useful. First Pawesome Puzzle toys were made in the end of summer of 2018. By the winter Ajša had 6 toys. It turned out that Ajša loved them and toys actually proved to be very durable and more than great way to spend access energy and occupy her mind during bad weather days.

This was actually win-win situation for me, combining my two favourite hobbies into one. Designing and 3D printing was my thing for several years all the way from my college years to when Ajša started chewing her way into my life. I loved every moment of it! At the beginning this meant to be a hobby, to keep my imagination at work and keep Ajša occupied and away from our furniture.

Just few photos of Pawesome Puzzle interactive dog toys shared on social media instantly attracted attention. I started digging deeper and deeper into canine psychology and found out that most of interactive dog toys on the market is just not suitable at all. Most of them are made to look good and attract owners to buy them regardless how suitable they are for the dogs.

By the late 2019 I made lots of revisions to each toy. Derived from testing with different breeds and learning more and more about canine psychology. The time to show them to the world has finally come.

To be a successful business we all had to be a part of it. Since Nives already managed her own and Ajša’s profile on Instagram (yep, it seems like dogs must have their own Instagram profiles), she decided to start working on Pawesome Puzzle as well. The feedback I got from Instagram and Facebook followers in early days gave me the encouragement to make the next step.

Word quickly got around and we started making Pawesome Puzzle toys in our spare room using my 3D printers. The assortment of Pawesome Puzzles is continuously growing and more new dog puzzles are already on the way, some in development other in testing phase. Follow us on social media not to miss out on reveals of new dog puzzles.
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