Dog puzzle Pawesome Puzzle
Dog puzzle

What is interactive dog toy

Interactive toy as the name explains, is some kind of puzzle, that dog interacts with. Pawesome Puzzle mentally challenges the dog to find a way to get the reward, hidden treats inside the dog puzzle. Interactive dog toy is a more complex toy, with more hidden compartments to hide treats, which open in different ways. They are not chew proof and are not meant for the dog to be unsupervised when playing with it.

Why dog puzzle?

Interactive dog toys offer long list of positive effects on your dog. They offer great mental stimulation, which is just as important as physical exercise. Dog puzzle is a great way to start teaching your dog the difference between right and wrong. These simple rules will open the door for many other tricks you wish to teach to your dog. They are a great solution to the hyperactivity and destructive behavioural problems. Introducing mental stimulation into your daily routine, will keep your dog calm and away from causing trouble. One of the most important things is that they are fun. Even if it seems boring to you, your dog will have loads of fun, because each time your dog figures out how to use the treat toy, it will discover a treat and that is fun! If your dog eats to fast, you can slow things down with some stimulating work to get to the food/treats.
Ajša with dog puzzle

My puppy loves this. I thought it would be a little too tricky since he’s only 3 months old but he loves it and keeps him entertained for long. I’ll be buying another interactive puzzle.

Eva, Ireland

Great new puzzle. I’m a big fan of the mixture of natural ingredients and safe materials.You can increase the difficulty by placing the rollers deeper in the treat pockets. I’m keeping a watch on this sellers items.

Jessica, Belgium

My dog loves it! It stimulates his brain. If your dog is a big eater you should definitely buy this!! I have positive experience with this toy and this so I would recommend it to you. Will buy again.

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