Dog puzzle – Pawesome puzzle Quattro spinner

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Dog puzzle Quattro spinner

Pawesome Puzzle toy number 6 consists of four rotating discs. Each disc has its own compartments to hide the treats. It is a very simple toy that gives your dog a lot of fun. Rotating each disc makes your dog work for the award hidden beneath. Each disc has two compartments so it doesn’t get to boring. Colours of red and white discs were chosen to make it more challenging for the dog, since those are not the most popping for the dog’s sight.

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Introduction to the dog puzzle world

Pawesome puzzle dog toys are product made by young couple and a Border Collie Ajša, who was the biggest reason to start making our own interative dog toys.  It all started out with a few treat toys we made for our puppy Ajša. It turned out to be one of the best dog toys, but not available anywhere on the market, yet.

There is a long list of positive effects that dog puzzle can offer:

  • Mental stimulation, which is often not given enough attention and remains neglected. It is just as important as physical exercise;
  • Dog toy that teaches the dog of basic rules with positive stimulation;
  • Interactive dog toys are the solution to hyperactivity and destructive behavioural problems;
  • The dog puzzle keeps your dog’s mind occupied and keep it away from causing more problems;
  • Great and fun treat dispensing toys, hard work is paid with treats, who wouldn’t love them;
  • It keeps your dog calm;
  • Dog puzzle can be a great solution to the fast eaters, thinking slows them down and working for the treat slows their bad eating habits,
  • Dog puzzles come in handy to pass time if your dog needs to rest and rehabilitate from an injury or other medical reasons;

 Design of Paweomse Puzzle interactive dog toys:

We devoted a lot of time to canine psychology and physical abilities of each dog. Pawesome dog puzzle is designed especially for dogs. Colours are specifically chosen to help them detect different shapes. Our every toy is uniquely designed by Pawesome Puzzle! All dog toys are well tested on many different breeds. Dogs are allowed to use their snout, tongue, paws and teeth to get to their rewards. Treat toys can be filled with anything your dog prefers, even raw food. The only method not allowed is trashing the toy around, which would completely defeat the purpose.

Only safe materials are used in our dog puzzle!

Since we all want best for our four-legged friends, we make our treat toys as safe as possible. All dog toys are made of biodegradable and food grade materials. Plastic series of treat toys are made of PLA special bio-plastic material based on sugar cane or corn starch. Wood series dog toys are hybrid toys made of glued solid wood and protected with food grade oil for best wood protection and durability and same PLA plastic details as plastic toys.

 Size of dog toys:

The size of dog toys partially depends on production method. Plastic series baseplate is made of size 160 x 160 mm and it is entirely made with 3D printing technique. Wood series of dog toys is assembled from baseplate size of 200 x 200 mm, machined with CNC milling machine and 3D printed details.

All dog toys are designed so every breed of dogs can enjoy Pawesome Puzzle interactive dog toys.

Dog puzzle attachment:

Plastic series of treat toys have two different way to keep them fixed while your pet is having a time of its life. First attachment method with four suction cups is integrated and preassembled. Unfortunately, this works only on smooth and clean surfaces. The second attachment method to keep the toy fixed, is by taking off suctions cups and using predesigned holes to fasten the toy to the wood surface with included screws.

Wood series of dog puzzles has only one way to keep them fixed in place, four rubber caps on the bottom. It is most effective on carpet or similar floor and it also keeps your parquet or other wood flooring unscratched and safe.

Safety of dog puzzle toys

Interactive dog toys are not chew toys. The dog must be under supervision all the time using the Pawesome Puzzle. Damaged dog puzzle can cause harm to your dog. Please inspect the dog puzzle before giving it to your dog. Wash it regularly with warm soapy water. DO NOT wash in dishwasher.

For more questions we’re happy to answer you, just send us a message, email or follow us on Instagram!

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